International/World Championships level show jumper born French but brought to Germany to breed and show for the German Team, Silbersee became a top producer. His most legendary son is the famous Holsteiner stallion Silvester - father of 42 licensed stallion sons - bringing along with Cordelabryere the french influence to the HOlsteiner breeding program in the 80's.

  • Name: Silbersee
  • Gender: Stallion
  • Born: 1973
  • Aptitude: Jumping, Eventing, Hunter, Breeding
  • S: Silver Matal
    D: Cibelle
    DS: Quastor
  • Frozen Semen
International/World Championships level show jumper (won Aachen) with German rider also produced many international offspring and breeding champions including the great Silvester (himself father of 42 other approved stallions in HOlstein). The Selle Francais registry was his birth registry but after doing so well in Germany in sport, he was approved by most of the German Verbands and used widely to introduce french influence to the breed. He produced Silvester (father of... South Pacific BTW and 41 other approved stallions), the hunter producer Solid Silver, the great Swedish OLympic stallion Spender S, and He also produced many states premium and high performance mares including the dam of Chico's Boy (2002 Approvals Champion stallion is Carpaccio-Silbersee) and of course the mother of our own stallion Acclaim- J-Siddhartha.