Bred by BF

These horses are our proudest accomplishments. Congratulations to all our owners on selecting a Branscomb Farm youngster for their next equine partner.

  • Gender: Mare
  • Born: 2003
  • Aptitude: Jumping, Dressage, Breeding
  • S: Caretino
    D: Miss Corrado
    DS: Corrado I
  • Alumni

16h pr. Holst by Caretino x Corrado stamm 2860

horseph5_29 038

  SOLD: Congratulations to Dragonfire Farm : comments after taking delivery: "Great gaits and a lovely mare... so easy to ride as a three year old"

  • Gender: Gelding
  • Born: 2009
  • Aptitude: Jumping, Eventing, Dressage, Hunter
  • S: Cassini II
    D: Ulalie
    DS: Carpaccio
  • Alumni

SOLD: Owner E. C. of Rennes, France writes "He is the great horse I was expected him to be and even more ! He is being so good for his age. Thanks again for this beautiful horse!"

castifino 10

The Alan Seihut award winner for 2010 for the Best Jumper Foal of the 2010 Inspection Season was approved for breeding by the GOV in 2013, started under saddle by Daniel Zilla and currently competing...


A rare grandson of both Quidam de Revel and Cordelabreyere

  • Gender: Mare
  • Born: 2004
  • Aptitude: Jumping, Eventing, Dressage, Breeding
  • Alumni

German Verband registered  Cordalme-Quattro B-Ramiro As  used for breeding and started late, but now jumping small courses under saddle, schooling at horse shows, and...

  • Gender: Gelding
  • Born: 2007
  • Aptitude: Jumping, Eventing, Hunter
  • S: Lavita
    D: Gold Coin
    DS: Goldglanz
  • Alumni

Lavita-Gold Coin(Goldglanz)

  • Gender: Mare
  • Born: 2004
  • Aptitude: Jumping, Eventing, Dressage, Hunter, Breeding
  • S: Acorado
    D: Mykarda
    DS: Corofino
  • Alumni

Pure German Holsteiner mare : Acorado - Corofino stam 1298.  Good minded and sensible.  Suitable for reasonable amateur or intermediate child. Lovely hunter movement and technique. She was used...

horseph5_29 015
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Born: 2010
  • Aptitude: Jumping, Eventing, Dressage, Hunter
  • S: Quinar
    D: Muzic
    DS: Alcatraz
  • Alumni

SOLD: 2 year old gelding by Quinar out of premium imported Holsteiner mare Muzic by Alcatraz.

Bon Aventure BF by Clearway

Clearway -Contefino-Condino. This powerful, large-framed mare is being ridden by a junior and was accepted for breeding by the German Oldenburg Verband in 2014. Owned by the Lockman family.