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Fergar Mail

Laudanum XX - Alme - Gotthard. This exceptional stallion, also known as Chapultapec La Silla, won the 5 year old championship of France before being sold to La Silla becoming the foundation stallion for their world renowned breeding program.  A 1.60m horse himself, Chapultapec/Fergar Mail produced many international stars at GP level including:

Singular La Silla - World Cup 2015 with Marcus Ehning

Lamm du Fetan - Nations Cup Team with T. Anciaume and GP Aachen

 Nany du Plessis, ISO 148(10)

 Raia d'Helby, ISO 161(13)

 Malco d'Irran, ISO 142(09)

 Linou du Tourtel, CSI, ISO 141(04)

 Noblesseoblige Defief, ISO 140(12)

 Karl d'Etting, ISO 139(05)

 Mensch du Very, ICC 138(06)

 Narka de la Haye, ISO 138(12)

 Pellwell Kertalg, ISO 137(09)

 Chairman La Silla,

Capuccino La Silla,

Chela La Silla,

Chinatu La Silla,

Chocolate L Silla,

and many more

Classica LS.


Gender Stallion
Status Frozen Semen
Aptitude Jumping, Dressage


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