Branscomb Farm facility photo
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Comprising 74 acres, the farm offers the perfect environment for the development of young warmblood horses and the training of both horses and riders. Approximately 50 acres of irrigated pasture, seeded with appropriate forage and grasses, a 7.5 acre foot pond drawn from adjacent Frenchmans Creek, and proximity to the coastal trail system provide plenty of room for exercise and social development. Large indoor and outdoor arenas, specially designed breeding and foaling barns, and electrified horse-safe wire mesh fencing of appropriate height insure that mares and their offspring have the safest of housing and plenty of good grass and room to develop their full athletic potential. Trails link to the Pacific Ocean less than one mile away. 

Youngsters benefit from regular handling and progressive, age-appropriate training from birth to when they are started under saddle at three years. Boarding, breeding, foaling, and foundation dressage and jump training of youngsters is available to farm clients.  Under the supervision of Trainer/Manager Daniel Zilla, Instructor/Rider Ivy Creahan, and and extensive professional staff we offer excellent care and education for young horses and developing riders.

Branscomb Farm Facility photo