Elmshorn 1988. HLP Champion: Medingen 1988, a record setting 141.93 (1st of 73) overall, 134.80 (2nd) in dressage, 136.02 (3rd) in jumping... He received a 10 in jumping with rider and a 9.5 in free jumping, a 9 in rideability, his lowest score was 7.67. His first year at stud was 1988. Alcatraz has had a brilliant stud career from the start. With the success of his offspring, due to his versatile hereditary transmission (116 mares and 5 stallion sons), he achieved the FN rating of 1st in his age group. He has continued to rank high in the FN breeding value ratings. Offspring from Alcatraz include the approved stallions Aurelio I & II, Alcazaro, Arnstein E, Argent and Akinos (1993 stallion approvals champion Schleswig-Holstein), at least 15 state premium mares (many of whom excelled at their performance tests), many successful competitiors, from conformation class winners and series winners of showjumper classes to international showjumpers including Achille Laura, Alcamo 2 (Andreas Viebrock), Alcazaro, Aurelio II, Apia and Ashley 38. The daughters Daisy (Hauke Luther) and Dana were successful competitors in the Federal Championships for show-jumpers. Alcatraz has also produced successful dressage competitiors including Attention (Petra Wilm) and Amidou (under Dr. Ulf Möller in the World Championships of young Dressage Horses, Verden 2004)...
Gender Stallion
Sire Aloube Z
Status Frozen Semen
  • Jumping
  • Eventing
  • Dressage
  • Hunter
  • Breeding